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Unlock Your Authentic Presence with Somatics & Spirit™

Explore Somatics & Spirit™ for enhanced embodied presence and intuitive awakening beyond traditional meditation and mindfulness. Unlock deeper healing for yourself, your community, and the earth.
  • Do you want to make a bigger impact in your life and work?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the chaos and uncertainty of these times?
  • Do you long for a deeper connection with yourself, nature, and a sense of inner peace?
  • Are you looking for more tools and practices for your healing work?
  • Do you want to be part of a movement that incorporates human healing with earth healing?

If so, our course on Somatics and Spirit™ is exactly what you need to navigate these challenging times and cultivate resilience.

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to lose touch with ourselves and the healing power of nature. Many of us are experiencing heightened stress, anxiety, and a disconnection from our bodies and the world around us. We yearn for practices that can help us find balance, resilience, and a sense of purpose.

Our Somatics & Spirit™ course offers a transformative journey that combines somatic practices, connecting with nature as a healer, and cultivating resilience in the face of adversity. By integrating these elements, you can tap into your innate wisdom, restore harmony, and find strength in these uncertain times.

Some of the new insights and learning our students are sharing:

“What stood out to me is your observation that our minds are in a daily effort "to 'control' and know the outcome." I've been rewarded my entire life for intellectual work, and the clients that I work with expect the categorization and quantification of everything in order to concisely identify meaning -- this is the essence of the so vaunted "thought leadership" in the corporate world. And it is exactly as you describe, Ariana, that this focus on the mind cuts us off from healing, connection, and interconnectedness; it also cuts us off from our own wholeness and power; I appreciate how you frame somatics as an expansive relationship between self and nature and look forward to the somatic journey this coursework will offer!  --Stacy, Leadership Coach, 2024


"I am working on allowing my daily life experiences to come through my body rather than my logic. When I get lost in narrative I am trying to slow the narrative down and come back to the body. I had a recent professional experience where I felt unvalued, misunderstood, and taken for granted. I was lost in the narrative for a few weeks and every time I tried to bring it back to my body the words, justifications, anger, and chatter seemed to take over. Then one day I was walking with my horse on a trail and I asked him how to unhook. I went to our collective breathing. My nervous system seemed to release tons of white bubbles that I imagined were cells that contained anger and confusion.

     On the next inhale I felt a warmth come over me and could feel empathy as a blanket or cloak that protected both myself and the person I’d felt wronged by. My horse slowed as we climbed a hill and as if to suggest that I slow as well. In this state I realized that it is my own sense of belonging that felt challenged and that this may be similar for the other person as well. My horse deeply exhaled then snorted at a rather large fox hole at the top of the hill. We stopped to look into the hole together and I felt the possible life that lived there.

     I felt its fear at the large hoof vibrations. I felt my horse's concern that someone dangerous may appear out of the hole. I slowed my breath more, I realized that in the moment we were together with the mystery and fear about the unknown. I shifted from anger and pain to empathy. We are all doing our best to understand each other and the world. Horse time has no narrative and is filled instead with sensations and awareness. I am learning to stay with these, resisting the urge to make sense of it with words."  Carrie Wicks, PhD, 2024


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