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Healing and transforming lives with Equine Guided Education since 1989

 Open the gates to profound self-discovery, inner strength, and mind-body-spirit transformation with a holistic approach to horses healing humans.  

Horses Healing Humans

SkyHorse Academy offers in person coaching and educational programs rooted in a deep commitment to healing in partnership with horses and nature, set in beautiful, serene locations.

Do you want to heal with horses?

Horses Healing Humans

Horses Healing Humans is for people from all walks of life who want to take the first step to connect deeply to horses, nature, and themselves to experience profound holistic healing, growth, and transformation.

This in-person, experiential program focuses on:

  • Reconnecting to what matters most 
  • Reevaluating your relationships
  • Releasing outdated perspectives
  • Re-emerging with a new sense of value for your life

By the end of this 3-day retreat, you'll have experienced the amazing healing energy of horses and the EGE process so you can move forward in your life with a strong sense of self, confidence, and purpose. 


Do you want to help others heal with horses? 

Equine Guided Education Certification Program 

The EGE Certification is for people who want to learn or build upon the skills necessary to help others heal by working with horses. 

This program focuses on: 

  • Expanding intuitive listening, somatic awareness, non-verbal body language skills
  • Holding an open space for individual transformation 
  • Developing your professional vision and goals
  • Refining your coaching and facilitation skills 
  • Discerning the non-verbal dynamics of the horse, facilitator, and client

After completing the certification program, you'll have the confidence, knowledge, and experience required to incorporate horses into your professional offers. 

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SkyHorse Academy is The Gold Standard in the 'Horse as Healer' field

SkyHorse Academy was created to help people heal their relationship with themselves and nature through a profound and respectful energetic connection to ‘the horse as guide.’ 

SkyHorse Equine Guided Education™ facilitators work people from all walks of life — veterans, youth, first responders, healers, business owners, and people in transition. 

What makes the experience of SkyHorse Academy so powerful is the combination of a somatic approach and the horses’ natural sentient, non-judgmental and ‘in the moment’ nature.

By nurturing and honoring a partnership with the horse, the human feels seen, heard and felt as their authentic selves – maybe for the first time in their lives.

The Magic of Horses 

Amazing Healing Energy of the Horse

"After researching and trying out various programs, I chose SkyHorse EGE™ based on a gut feeling, a sense of rightness, and a visceral response to the teaching approach. The training was everything I had hope for and more. I left there knowing more about the amazing healing energy of the horse, humans' ability to partner with the horse and other humans to positively impact the world." 

Michelle Peterson  




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Horses Healing Humans

Spring 2024 TBD

Do you want to reconnect to what matters most, reevaluate your relationship with yourself and others, and embrace a new sense of purpose? 

Horses Healing Humans 3-day retreat will help connect with nature and the horse as a sentient guide to heal, find answers, and awaken what's possible within you.

No horse experience is necessary.

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Equine Guided Coaching

April 15-26, 2024 San Luis Obispo, CA

 Over the course of 10 days in a sacred and open space, you'll learn a multi-faceted approach to deepen your facilitation skills, refine your non-verbal, somatic skills and expand on your existing knowledge. 

Gain confidence, insight and experience to build a business that helps people with horses as the guide. 

Open to EGE Certification students only. 

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