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Founded by Leadership & Horses™ pioneer,

Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi


The Gold Standard in the 'Horse as Healer' Professions since 1989

SkyHorse Academy was founded by Ariana to create a legacy foundation for the amazing and profound application of ‘the horse as guide’ to human growth and transformation. Intertwined in her Holistic Somatics™ application to Leadership & Horses™ is a deep commitment to healing our relationship with our great Mother Earth. SkyHorse Academy is the place to find the best educational opportunities for healing paradigms that include our equine guides, nature, somatics, and the healing arts.


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Horses Healing Humans Healing Earth

Ariana has worked with over 6000 people in her unique' SkyHorse Equine Guided Education (EGE) method since 1989. She and her SkyHorse EGE™ Associates offer educational programs and individual coaching around the world. People who benefit from SkyHorse Equine Guided Education include veterans, leaders, youth, first responders, healers, business owners, and people in transition. Common themes of equine guided education include recovering from traumatic events, regaining successful relationships with self and others, moving through transitions with grace, staying resilient in chaotic times, regaining a sense of purpose and meaning and so much more. By helping people regain confidence, and a healthy self image, we can directly and indirectly offer healing back to our local environment for holistic health.

Ariana's books on Horses

Wellness Coaching

Ariana offers one on one coaching and horsemanship classes . She is also available to travel to your location or a location near you. Ariana's mastery in somatic coaching, blended with her uncanny intuition and the horse's amazing ability to get to the heart of the matter in minutes makes this type of coaching immediate, effective and long lasting. It's simply the best way to accomplish deep, transformative change.


Leadership and Horses™

Ariana has been developing leaders, coaches and teams for three decades. She is a Master Somatic Coach, zoologist, successful entrepreneur and business woman. She has produced sixteen international leadership conferences with attendees coming from around the world. Her Leadership & Horses™ are an integral part of several leadership programs across the USA.


Casari Farm & Gardens

Casari Farm, the home base of SkyHorse EGE™ is located in Sonoma County, California. Conveniently located within an hour of the San Francisco Bay Area, and nestled between the Sonoma wine country and the Pacific Coast.  The farm is magical and healing. Visit the Casari site to join its newsletter to stay up to date with other programs and products carefully selected by Ariana.


Upcoming Classes

"To be part of Ariana's herd is an experience of being with a master, running the hills in freedom, with tussled manes and the wind behind us; where the past is honored, but has no place in the tenuous future of things. Live, life, now. "

Cassandra Ogier, Certified Equine Guided Educator

"Ariana’s most unique gift is her ability to navigate seamlessly between the cognitive, mental world of our “thinking mind”, the place we are when we are “in our head”, and the somatic, energetic, intuitive, and spiritual world that connect us to nature, where our senses and feelings reside. She is able to move between these two worlds, as a partner guide with the horses, leading people to discoveries about and within themselves that they could not otherwise find."

Hallie Bigliardi
SkyHorse EGE™ level 5

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