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SkyHorse Equine Guided Education Certification Program

Training professionals for over 25 years!

We know from experience that to incorporate horses into your professional offer requires additional education and a deep respect for the unique, magical yet unpredictable nature of horses. Bringing horses into educational and learning models, creates a whole new set of complexities and unknowns. We know this from over 35 years of experience and success.

Our certification program will give you the confidence and training required to incorporate horses into your professional offer. We teach you a new way of somatic perspective, a new paradigm for how true change actually happens, how to trust yourself and your horses in the process, and how to navigate in a wide variety of unexpected situations.

This is not a cookie-cutter training. It is not an online, 'do it yourself or not', formula. We've got you from start to finish with a tried and true combination of online studies, in person training and extensive coach mentoring throughout the training program.

We like diversity

We want you to be you! The world needs you and the unique perspective that only you can bring! Participants of the certification program come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. Our practitioners include educators, coaches, equestrians, teachers, college students, artists, therapists, shamans, healers, riding instructors, yogis, and other individuals who are or who want to incorporate horses into their professional offers. We help you develop your own voice, your goals and embody your role as a facilitator for others in their process of healing and transformation.

Creating a space for change

Holding an open space for healthy, transformative change for your clients is paramount. We teach you how to listen and observe in a neutral, supportive way where the participants are encouraged to find their own self discovery. Way better than controlling the horse human interaction, we show you how to 'Let the horse be the guide'. In this sacred zone, people can transcend old limiting beliefs and somatic traumas so they can re-connect to their sense of self confidence and purpose in life. It's one thing to understand trauma, it is another to know how to create new pathways for well being at a mind, body and spirit level.

Mind/Body/Spirit Coaching at its best

Our Holistic Somatic™ approach stems from the original somatic coaching programs Ariana created in the 1990's and substantially expanded upon by the power of horse consciousness. Horses bring a magical, spiritual and undeniable component to healing in an inter-connected way that transcends other modes of healing.

If you want to learn the secret to awakening your innate, intuitive knowing, this program is for you. You will gain new knowledge in how embracing our biological instincts can counter balance the limitations of social conditioning and current challenges that come with being alive in these times. 

mind body spirit coaching

Get organized, refine your goals, and go for it

Ariana and our SkyHorse team provide experienced coach mentoring to help you navigate the business side of turning your dream into reality. We know this work is needed more now than ever. Equine Guided Coaching is not a fad, it's not an anomaly, it is grounded and has been growing leaps and bounds for over 30 years. The most important thing is you have to believe in yourself and never forget your dream can come true. We are here to support you one step at a time or by leaps and bounds. Like our donkeys, Poncho and Lefty would say, "It's time to get your game on."

New and seasoned professionals

  • For new people coming into this field, you do not have to know exactly how you plan to incorporate horses into your work in order to enter our certification program. You will gain that clarity during the program and upon completion have a good sense of how you want to incorporate horses into your offer. We will also help you determine what continuing education you need to be successful and confident in your work.
  • For seasoned professionals, avoid the-4-6 year learning curve it will take for you to figure this work out on your own. If you have already received training in the EAGALA or EPONA models, this program will expand on what you already know and continue to develop your skill and competency.
  • Our goal is to expand on your existing knowledge and provide new skills and techniques for doing the work and for running your own business. 

Step 1

Somatics & Spirit Online Course

This course teaches you the foundational principles of our somatic approach, how we shift to a horse informed perspective and take you through the first steps in developing your embodied presence. These elements are vital to being able to create an open, neutral space for others to be able to learn how to embrace their own freedom and power to be themselves in a newly inspired way.

Step 2

5 day in person program

(currently being offered as Leadership & Horses™)

Don't get taken off guard by the word leadership. To us, leadership simply means-are you leading your life or is it leading you? Leadership is a 'way of being' that promotes healthy relations with self, other and the greater good. It's about being in unity with who you are and what you care about. In this course we go through a transformative process, guided by horses, our somatic teachers of authentic, courageous embodiment.

Step 3

5 day in person program as an Advanced Student

(currently being offered as Leadership & Horses™)

As an advanced student you will focus on the art of facilitation, holding an open, neutral space for others, incorporating somatic practices with horse-time activities, understanding the interplay between mind, body and spirit, encouraging curiosity and new perspectives, and ultimately turning challenges into opportunities for growth, well being and healthy relations. AKA Equine Guided Coaching.

1-1 Coaching Package

From start to finish you will have your own coach/mentor to support and guide you between steps. Topics in this coach package include, how you want to develop your professional offer, who you want to work with, and what you need to develop in yourself to accomplish your goals. You will meet with your coach during and between each step. Our coaches are active practitioners of SkyHorse EGE™ and have years of training and experience.


This 3 month online mentorship series focuses on how you want to move forward with your equine guided offerings. Topics include business and financial planning, curriculum design and practice client sessions. To complete your certification as a level 1 SkyHorse Equine Guided Educator, you will go through a final review. For those who want to continue developing mastery in Equine Guided Education and Coaching, we offer additional levels 2-5.

Coach Mentor Group

Included in the EGE certification program is 1 year free membership in our Coach Mentor Group. This group meets 2 times per month. Its a great way to stay connected to our community of EGE professionals, get support, practice coaching and more. We know it takes time to integrate all you are learning and creating, and there is no better way than to collaborate with other like-minded people who are committed to making a difference in the world.