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Intuitive Horsemanship™-True Unity with Horses

* Achieve success without force

* Partnership without dominance

* Teamwork without fear

* Willingness without intimidation

* Harmony without coercion 

True unity with horses is achieved through trust, respect, and clear communication. Trust is built through your authentic presence, confidence, right timing and consistent cues. Respect is earned through patience, kindness, and genuine curiosity. Authentic presence is gained through a developed self awareness of your inner intentions, your energetic body language and your mind/body and spirit are are aligned for purposeful action . 

To create true unity, it is important to appreciate that the horse is an individual with its own unique needs, personality and preferences. As the founder of Intuitive Horsemanship™ since 1989, Ariana knows from experience that creating unity and harmony with horses begins with you. 

Ariana is a phenomenal horse person. She has a way of understanding the dynamics of horses that is incredible. She connects with horses on a level like no trainer I’ve worked with and makes it easier as a student to really grasp what’s going on in the relationship. -Hilary 2020

“My trainer is blown away by the change in my riding since doing the first class with Ariana. Over the past couple days, all she’s been saying is, “Oh my God, you are FINALLY using your core – it’s pretty cool (thanks Ariana).” -Julie Bridge, 2008

“Intuitive Horsemanship™ with Ariana has given me a new sense of freedom with my horse. I am refreshed and have a newfound confidence in myself and my horse, thank you!”

Karen Overby,, Certified PATH Riding Instructor

“What Ariana revealed to me continues to shape how I extend myself into this world daily. I highly recommend Ariana as a coach, mentor and teacher to anyone seeking illuminating truths through working with horses for professional or personal development." Lucinda Newman, Pathfinders

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