It's a Time of Feeling & Horse Time Metaphors

It’s a time of feeling

I was talking to my husband, Casey, the other day and we both agreed that it’s been hard to feel joy that lasts more than a few minutes with the heaviness of these challenging times. We agreed that we feel the pain in the world now and feel helpless to stop it. By acknowleding it in a conversation, we were able to move onto more positive feelings for our day.

Time seems hard to grasp right now. What day is it? Is it really Thursday? What month are we in, isnt this usually a time of picnics and family gatherings as we approach Mother’s Day, graduations and weddings (now postponed or cancelled) and Father’s Day just around the corner? 

Each day is a new day. Each moment is an opportunity to make the best out of the most dramatic, unknown future we have ever experienced as a whole species. 

And right behind the reality of timelessness is the fear and anxiety of what we cannot control.We cannot make any sense of what is actually...

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