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Inspiring talk with astrologer, Denise Elizabeth Byron

astrology authenticity leadership power tarot Feb 13, 2024
photo of Ariana and Denise

Astrologer, Denise Elizabeth Byron, and Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, founder of Equine Guided Education, really hit it off with an inspiring discussion of what's in Ariana's radar for early 2024 and how uncanny it relates to the cards Denise drew and her astrological forecast. 

Denise says, "Ariana's insights were spot on for this new era of Pluto in Aquarius! Nearly everything she shared could describe what we are moving into for the next 2 years."

Ariana drew insight into not seeing The Dark as bad and The Light as good, but rather each as a form of energy. People can abuse The Light and The Dark. How do you embrace The Light and The Dark, like a wave in the ocean that ebbs and flows, the peaks and the troughs? She also shared how not to fear The Dark or hard times, but to see it as a way to be in choice for how you want to be present. Where do you need to take responsibility? Where can you let go of fear that cripples you?

Ariana and Denise discussed the nuances of leadership as a quality that is needed now, as in "Are you leading your life or is it leading you?" and even how you view power. Power can often be seen as a 'bad' word because so many people have been wounded by people who abuse their 'power of authority' over them. And then all power looks bad. But power can also be the embodied presence of a person living in clear choice, resilience, and courage. 

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