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Interview with Melinda Iverson Inn, podcast host of Wisdom Keepers of Earth

authenticity dignity horses nature podcast transformation Jan 24, 2024
Ariana on Wisdom Keepers podcast

January 23, 2024, Special interview with Melinda Iverson Inn and Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi. They discuss how to be your authentic self, find courage in hard times and finding heart in relationships to self, others and the world.

Ariana shares her stories about being uplifted by special horses, teaching comm-unity through her equine wisdom, the animal body and our connection to the land. Bonus: Ariana gifted us with a quick, beautiful breathing and centering mediation. Ariana is a visionary leader and speaker in ‘connecting people to land and nature so each can heal the other’.

With innovative vision, she weaves the biology of leadership, lessons from nature, and somatic intelligence into a unique process to heal humans and earth in a reciprocal way. Her pioneering work in ‘Equine Guided Coaching’ and ‘Leadership & Horses™’, blends her mastery in biology, somatics, nonverbal communication and Emotional Intelligence into a revolutionary approach to leading conscious change.

The mission of Melinda Iverson Inn’s podcast, Wisdom Keepers of Earth™, is to present the stories of extraordinary beings as ambassadors for the art and alchemy of our changing universe, to celebrate the transformative possibilities of healing to the widest audience, and to provide an education program for the cultivation of new practitioners.

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