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Homecoming, Fall 2023

fall Nov 15, 2023
fall colors in Sonoma county

Homecoming, 2023


Once I returned, I saw the richness of the fall colors

The reds, yellows and oranges

Even the notes of purple and blue.

The dusty dry grass of forage not grazed.

The dew sparkled on the wool of the young lambs in the early morning dawn

While the mothers finally rested that another night had gone by and their children were alive.


Inside, my house was cold,

I could not resist the temptation to go outside even though I imagined it would be colder.

But it was not.

It was refreshing, welcoming me home to my true self, my senses, and my love of Mother earth.

And there, in that field of ultimate presence,

Everyone greeted me.

I heard the cacophony of song birds announcing change.

The vineyard, just yesterday lush green and an abundance of fruit,

Now letting go of her brilliant summer plume

To prepare for winter.


All the animals greeted my return

The dogs, cats, chickens, horses, sheep.

They all seemed louder than usual.

And I swear they wore smiles.


So did I.

My heart so wide open,

So full of love and awe.

I embraced all of my family

And the red tail mother, father and fledgling came to greet me too.

I felt so seen, so understood, so membered to a new herd of my belonging,

In gratitude to the energetic unity, I had just returned home from.

Thank you to everyone who re-members to the sacred unity of spirit.

© Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi 2023


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