Meet a true visionary

Founder of Equine Guided Education

Master Somatic Leadership Coach

Ariana is authentic, original and wild by nature. She is a visionary leader, successful entrepreneur, master somatic coach, zoologist, mother, artist, author, and international teacher of Embodied Leadership and founder of Equine Guided Coaching. She is a free spirit, rooted in the ancient wisdom of plants, animals and the natural world. With innovative vision, she weaves the biology of leadership, lessons from nature, and somatic intelligence into a unique process to achieve healthy success.

Ariana has worked with over six thousand clients to claim their wildness, stand tall without apology and embrace their unique ‘way of being’. Her passion is to encourage people to heal themselves and the earth, in a beautiful reciprocal way, for our children, our grandchildren and our Mother Earth Family.

Ariana started her coaching career pioneering Leadership & Horses™ in 1989 and is a major influencer in the horse as healer/teacher profession, with her Equine Guided Education and Coaching model that can be found worldwide. She has hosted over a dozen international leadership conferences in Leadership & Mastery and Equine Guided Education and is the bestselling author of three books and numerous published articles.

Her teachings have been incorporated into numerous leadership institutes and equine therapy programs around the world including Institute for Women’s Leadership, Institute for Generative Leadership, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and Meridian University.

One of Ariana’s major accomplishments is co-founding Strozzi Institute and the Strozzi Somatics. There, she trained leaders, coaches and healers in the art of mind, body, and spirit balance. After many years, Ariana branched off into her own Holistic Somatics™ driven by her desire and commitment to tap deeper into the ‘spirit’ component of the mind/body/spirit trio. Her trilogy of nature, somatics and spirit sets her apart from other embodied leadership approaches.

Ariana grew up in two different worlds; the world of nature and the world of people. Her entrepreneurial instinct was sparked at a leadership conference when she saw the gap between the words people spoke and their non-verbal body language. She knew at that moment her destiny was to build a bridge between the natural world and the human world so each could heal the other. This epiphany led her to develop her unique approach that incorporates instinct, intuition and sense-ability into embodied leadership for a healthy planet.