Horses Healing Humans

This program focuses on reconnecting to what matters to you, re-evaluating your relationships to work/life balance, letting go of outdated perspectives, and bringing in a new sense of value to your life. This 3 day program is a beautiful way to let go of 'what you know' and relish in time with the sentient wisdom of horses and time in nature. Horses teach us what it means to stay grounded and how to tell the difference between judgments and authentic expression. Develop your intuitive listening skills to find answers and make decisions that you cannot find through logical cobwebs of reason. What better time to find new inspiration and move forward than now?


It's a natural part of life to find oneself, at some unexpected point in time, at a new intersection-a place where we ask ourselves the questions,

"Am I living the life I am destined to live?

What do I need to do differently to get back in a flow in my life?"

 Horses have an uncanny, even magical, ability to reflect the deeper inner-workings of our psyche and spiritual longing helping us reconnect to what is important to us on a personal and professional level. They share their compassionate heart in such a profound way that we can let go of outdated concepts about who we should be and how we should live, allowing us to re-find our creative imagination so that we can dream into reality the next chapter of our life.  

Interacting with horses allows you to gain profound insights into where you are in right alignment with your values and intentions and where old stories or habits of thinking and behaving are now interfering with your ability to flow effectively in your relationships and life purpose. Through interactive exercises with horses you can practice more effective ways of being in your life. The focus of this program is not on learning horsemanship skills. It is about getting back in touch with your curious, imaginative self, connecting to what has heart and meaning, and creating new perspectives for living our life on purpose.

We've combined somatics with the magic, healing abilities of horses to create a unique healing, nourishing place to reconnect to yourself and what matters most. Let go of the old stories and that are holding you back from moving forward in your life and a new future.