Equine Guided Coaching™

Whether you are a coach, therapist, healer or teacher this class offers a multi-faceted approach to deepening your facilitation skills, refining your intuition, and developing your non-verbal listening, and somatic perspective.

This program incorporates facilitation (leading change in others), horse wisdom, animal communication, the power of intention, land based knowledge, and creating supportive, unique learning environments for ourselves, our clients, and students.

This 10 day program focuses on developing your particular style of facilitation, while gaining further clarity on the EGE process, exercises that you plan to utilize, and goals and plans for incorporating EGE into your professional offer. You do not have to know the type of people or focus of topics before coming into the program. You will become clear about how you want to work and the people you want to work with during the program. In addition, you will learn the more subtle forms of animal communication and how the land and nature plays a significant role in the learning environment.

Practices will include refining your facilitation skills including developing your own voice, expanding on your existing skills, and learning more advanced facilitation skills necessary to incorporate horses into the learning process. As a participant you will practice leading EGE sessions throughout the 2 weeks.

The program includes how to design EGE exercises according to the phase of learning your students/clients are in, you will practice leading sessions and receive supervision in refining your coach/facilitation skills, intuitive listening, somatic awareness, non-verbal body language, business planning, choosing horses, facility design, and much more. The program also includes further studies in Somatics and how to read and articulate body language which is a fundamental aspect of Equine Guided Education. You will gain extensive practice on how to read the horse, the client and how to translate what the horses are reflecting in an effective way.

Horses Healing Humans is a prerequisite to this program.