SkyHorse EGE™ Reading Club

Join certified EGE™, Ellen Beeler, who will guide us on a monthly foray of interesting books and articles relevant to the Equine Guided Education model. So many books, so little time, if your not a avid reader, no worries, we'll be reviewing the books and offering summaries and best sections. If you know of some great books, (including yours) and/or articles, send along to [email protected]

Ellen is wise, inspired and is the perfect guide for our reading club

Ellen is a lifelong learner, educator, spiritual seeker and lover of horses and nature. She earned her Teaching Credential in 1981, and spent 24 years as both a Special Ed and Home School teacher in Sonoma County, Northern CA. She helped to establish Valley Oak Elementary Independent Study School in Petaluma in 1992.

She retired from teaching in 2005 and spent many years exploring and volunteering for everything from grief counseling at the local Hospice, Clairvoyant Training and the Healing Arts from Crystal-Rose, and finally arriving back full circle to her love of horses, with Hippotherapy sessions at Giant Steps. She currently combines her passion in the healing arts and horses, as a Certified Skyhorse EGE™ with her newly rescued horses, Penny & Athena. 

An early reader, Ellen has always loved books.  The study of EGE combines her passion for horses and books in a way that provides many opportunities for her to help people, particularly young people, find confidence and self-acceptance in themselves.

Ellen will offer interesting books and articles each month for the group to read, explore, and discuss. We'd especially love a critiique of valuable material to make a library of resources for our Skhorse EGE ™ herd.

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Private SkyHorse EGE™ Reading Club

Help us create a library of resources-books and articles

Relevant for SkyHorse EGE™ folks, healers, coaches, intuitives, and people who love to read, and if not love to be informed about the latest, valuable resources so that we can all keep growing and deepening who we are and how we can best serve our clients.

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