Study with Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi

International Pioneer in the field of Equine Guided Education (EGE) since 1989, and Founder of Leadership & Horses™.

"Ariana is undoubtedly the most motivated woman I know. Her determination, drive and love for life are a source of power from which she creates in a unique way. As a teacher, she is direct and strong, offering a reflection to step up and into the life that you aspire to, leaving doubts and hesitancy behind; bringing out the best in people who are ready to fly. To be part of her herd is an experience of being with a master, running the hills of freedom, with tussled manes and the wind behind you." --Cassandra Ogier, Certified SkyHorse EGE

Ariana is a Master Somatic Coach, Zoologist, international known embodied leadership coach and professional equestrian.

The certification program includes one online course (study at your own pace) and two in person classes made up of 13 days (total) of instruction, experiential learning, coach training, somatics training, you lead practice sessions and get supervision and coaching on your facilitation, connect with other practitioners, and develop your business plan. Bonus topics include choosing horses, facility design, curriculum design PLUS early access to our Coach Mentor Group (You can join as soon as you start the online course).

If you are just getting started or are a seasoned professional, avoid the-4-6 year learning curve it will take for you to figure this work out on your own. If you have already received training in the EAGALA or EPONA or other models, this program will expand on what you already know and continue to develop your skill and competency as a coach and facilitator.

Our certification program will give you the confidence, knowledge and experience required to incorporate horses into your professional offer. We teach you how to think, how to trust yourself and your horses, and how to navigate in a wide variety of situations.

You do not have to know exactly how you plan to incorporate horses into your work in order to enter our certification program. You will gain that clarity during the program and upon completion have a concrete sense of how you want to incorporate horses into your offer. We will also help you determine what continuing education you need to be successful and confident in your work. For example you may need more horse experience or human skills and we can help you determine that.

We like diversity

Participants of the certification program come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. Our practitioners include educators, coaches, equestrians, teachers, college students, artists, therapists, shamans, healers, riding instructors, and other individuals who are or who want to incorporate horses into their professional offers.

We encourage your unique style and presence

Our goal is to encourage you to expand on your existing skills as well as learn new skills. We are not focused on one particular methodology, but rather on the universal application of what horses can offer to healing and teaching models. You will be able to retain your current terminology and methods with an expanded vocabulary, understanding and knowledge of horses, humans and the learning process.

Because this is a learning-by-doing program you will not only learn how to incorporate horses into your offer you will come away with clear goals, a plan of action for your business plan, confidence and new perspectives on horse/human nature, life and learning.

We focus on developing your ability to observe, recognize, and articulate the non-verbal/body language dynamics of the horse(s), yourself as the facilitator (translator), and your client. In addition, we encourage your unique style of facilitation versus a ‘cookie cutter’ methodology. Our graduates go on to reach their dreams!

2010 Video with Ariana at SkyHorse


Our holistic somatics™ method is unique and dramatically successful!

Ariana's Holistic Somatics™ approach incorporates the interrelated dynamics between the mind, the body and the spirit of an individual. This includes our biological and instinctive underpinnings that either inhibit or allow change in who we are, how we think and how we create positive change in how we relate to ourselves, others and our connection to the greater good.

Ariana has successfully trained over 6000 coaches and leaders since 1989 with her unique method of leadership, biology, and 'nature as healer'. Ariana is a zoologist and has spent her lifetime bringing into words what our intuition knows deep in our being. As a Master Somatic Coach and co-founder of Strozzi Institute, she co-developed the Somatic Coach Training Program now known as Strozzi Somatics.

"Ariana’s most unique gift is her ability to navigate with seamless ease between the cerebral, cognitive, mental world of our “thinking mind”, the place we are when we are “in our head”, and the somatic, energetic, intuitive, and spiritual worlds that connect us to nature, where our senses and feelings reside. She is able to move between these two worlds, as a partner guide with the horses, leading people to discoveries about and within themselves that they could not otherwise find. This gift allows her to articulate the nuances of the process, as well as the relationship and interaction between the horse and the human during these encounters. It’s what has allowed her to not only do the work of EGE, but to teach others to do the work with such proficiency."

-Hallie Bigliardi, CEGE -level 5 and author of "Taking the Reins"

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