Friday, July 23 10:00 am pst

I'm in the final stretch of finalizing my personal journal, 14 years in the making. I've been contemplating the concepts of Dignity and Self Respect and how the lack thereof can dramatically impact our health.

I am pondering that perhaps a truly integrated healing, both emotionally and physically, cannot find a happy home inside of us, if we don't address the deeper underlying traumas that are tangled up with issues around dignity and respect.

I speak from experience as a breast cancer survivor and Lymes disease thriver. I will share a summary of my journey to my new found health and how I have learned to take a stand for my dignity and self respect.

Please join me for a open dialogue on this subject. I look forward to sharing, learning and exploring this topic with you.

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July 2021-Dignity and Respect-Why they matter!

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