Online Equine Guided Coaching & Education Principles & Practices

If you are or want to become an Equine Guided Coach and want to study with pioneer, Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, then this course is the best place to start!

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For new and seasoned professionals!


Ariana has trained thousands of professionals in her Equine Guided Programs. She has developed the principles and practices she brings forward in this online program for over 30 years.  Start now and develop your knowledge of the Equine Guided process, the role horses play in human transformation, and your role as the facilitator of sustainable change for your clients. Learn her Holistic Somatics™ awareness practices and time in nature practices that deepen the equine guided experience.


The goal of this online program is for you to develop an understanding of the foundational principles of SkyHorse Equine Guided Education. This online program will prepare you to be able to take full advantage of our live programs Horses Healing Humans and Equine Guided Coaching™. In addition, it will provide you with the first set of practices for developing and refining your skills as an equine guided coach/educator. Even if you are already seasoned in this work, this course will offer you deeper insights and details into the subtlety and nuances that make this work so profound. Develop your somatic sensibility, your intuitive awareness, and your observing and listening skills.

What you can expect in this home study online course which includes:

  • Five home study modules of the Equine Guided principles and foundations so you can study at your own pace!
  •  Self study questions to guide your self reflection and increase your coaching skills
  • Four pre-recorded coach calls with Ariana. Listen and follow powerpoint presentations at your convenience. 
  • Learn new somatic practices for developing your listening and observing skills

The topics are relevant, informative and add knowledge and depth to other assisted and/or facilitated methods.

*Ariana’s books and the DVD are required reading.

                  *Horse Sense for the Leader Within

                   * Equine Guided Education

                   * Planning Your Business in the Horse as Healer/Teacher Professions 


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Ariana's Books and Intuitive Horsemanship Video 

Horse Sense For the Leader Within, Ariana reveals the elements of EGE, Leadership, Somatics and Nature that support and make EGE possible. Enjoy numerous case studies from her early years bringing horsemanship and leadership together.

Equine Guided Education: This book details the EGE process, history, the 5 elements that make up the EGE process, including the role of the horse, the facilitator, and the natural environment. She also details the process of EGE. 

Planning Your Business in the Horse as Healer/Teacher Professions: Includes an in depth inquiry into how you want to develop your offer and the business related topics you need to consider. 

Intuitive Horsemanship™ : Incorporates the principles of non verbal communication, our energetic impact and the nature of horses. This will be accessible within your Online Portal when you purchase Online Equine Guided Coaching & Education Practices & Principles. 


SkyHorse EGE™

Certification Program

Join an elite group of coaches specializing in Equine Guided Coaching, Somatics and Nature as Healer. Ariana has successfully pioneered this amazing work since 1989, and she has developed hundreds of successful EGE practitioners in her SkyHorse Equine Guided Education model. Her training program is tried and true and is considered the "Gold Standard" in the industry.


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