$2,400.00 USD

Leadership & Horses™-July 10-14, 2024, Full Price

Who are you now, where are going and what new 'way of being' do you need to get there?

This course will get you on the path! Course Includes: 

  • Pre course coach session
  • Pre-course, self study at your own pace
  • 5 day immersion with horses as our sentient, intuitive guides to connect to our new intentions and walk forward into our life with grace and clarity.
  • Post session coach session
  • Ongoing access to library of resources for the course
  • Includes gluten free, organic snacks and lunch each day. 
  • Class days go from 10 am to 5-6 pm each day.
  • Easy flights into San Francisco, Oakland and Santa Rosa Airport 



What People Are Saying:

My experience at SkyHorse Academy was deeply moving, literally transformational. I observed myself as well as others gain a surprising strength and clarity, regarding relationships, work, goals and purpose. Ariana’s amazing ability to speak to my deepest self along with the presence of her supportive staff and the gentle, intuitive horses opened up something within. I felt recognized and more certain regarding my goals and place in this world. Today I hold the physical, visual and spiritual experiences close, often pulling them up when I need to check in and feel supported, strong and safe. Being mindful and staying in my body was a big take away. I look forward to more connection with SkyHorse Academy!

Sharon Hedlund, 2023

“I have come home a changed woman and it feels like I have a clarity that has been missing for a very long time. I have even had the chance to hold some boundaries with my family"

Michelle K

EGE is perhaps the most powerful formative work I have experienced – remarkably efficient. And embodied learning – you can take it with you! It lives in you – and therefore continues to grow and mature and change with attention and time… grace and mystery.

Marianne, Life Coach