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Why did international pioneer, Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi connect leadership and horses together in 1989? It's simple. They are archetypically powerful, amazing, inspiring, resourceful, resilient, and compelling. Horses require our emotional Intelligence. They teach us how to trust what we sense and feel. They show us how to listen to the subtle energy of communication happening around us all of the time. They teach us how to embody our Leadership Style and be a leader for others. And there's so much more so read on.

Team Building

Horses require that we are unified in our team goals, and that we respect each other. They help us define our roles and goals for success. They also help us see where there are gaps in our communication and coordination. Once we identify these gaps, we can design new strategies and practices for success.

Leadership Style

Despite some theories, we are not all the same. We each have our own leadership style. Some of us are fast paced, and some of us are more methodical. We believe it is better to develop each person's unique leadership style and help them be in the right position so they can flourish and contribute their best selves. 

Leadership Presence

Sorry but true leadership is not about how smart we are or even our title of authority. Leadership is actually a felt experience. We energetically assess a person's leadership by their presence, their way of being. Are they trustworthy? Are they committed to their goals? Will they follow through when the going gets tough?

Straight from the Horses Mouth

An old saying yes, but still as true as a hundred years ago when horses were our workforce. They were our transportation, our labor, and our warfare comrades. They helped us build bridges, carry our commerce to town, dragged our lumber, and manage our rangelands. Today they give us honest, direct feedback about how we are really showing up, distinct from how we think we are showing up. And guess what? Horses don't lie.

360° Awareness

This is where our term, Equine Guided Somatics™ kicks in. Just like wild animals, horses rely on their instincts and sensate awareness to gauge safety versus danger. By being in their presence and skillfully guided by our EGE coaches, we teach leaders how to train their 360° awareness as a tool for gathering substantially more information (along the lines of 97% more) than just listening to words spoken or reading text.

The Power of Intention

Intention is a form of energy easily read and mirrored by horses, wild animals and nature. Horses will follow people who are connected to who they are and what they care about. It is through their honest reflections, connecting or not, that we can refine our intentions into clearly stated goals and even a plan of action.

There are many topics we can focus on, so contact us directly and let us know your goals. We have been customizing programs for leadership institutes, and companies for decades.

Here is a list of some of our clients:

Ariana has developed over six thousand leaders, coaches and individuals. Her approach is totally original and has proven to be an exciting force in self-development and leadership training. Five nationally known Leadership Institutes currently include Ariana’s Leadership & Horses™ program in their curriculum. Her corporate clients include SalesForce, Kaiser, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Development, Nike, Visa Credit Card, Wells Fargo Bank, Proctor & Gamble, Hewlett-Packard, Agilent, Cisco, Institute for Women’s Leadership, Apple Inc, Leadership USA, PSI Seminars, Enterprise Performance and various women’s groups.



What Is Your Leadership Challenge?

We love to customize our Leadership & Horses™ programs to meet your goals. We have several themes to choose from. We can do large and small groups. So simply contact us directly or schedule a 30 minute free consultation to discuss your goals.


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