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We like diversity, we want you to be you!

The world needs you and the unique perspective that only you can bring! Participants of the certification program come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. Our practitioners include educators, coaches, equestrians, teachers, college students, artists, therapists, shamans, healers, riding instructors, and other individuals who are or who want to incorporate horses into their professional offers. We love how diverse our students are and their creative applications of Tai Chi, Chi Gong, art therapy, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and other healing modalities. We are here to support your vision.



We encourage your unique style and 'way of being'

Our goal is to encourage you to expand on your existing skills as well as learn new skills. We are not focused on one particular methodology, but rather on the universal application of what horses can offer to healing and teaching models. You will be able to retain your current terminology and methods with an expanded vocabulary, understanding and knowledge of horses, humans and the learning process.

We focus on developing your ability to observe, recognize, and articulate the non-verbal/body language dynamics of the horse(s), yourself as the facilitator (translator), and your client. In addition, we encourage your unique style of facilitation versus a ‘cookie cutter’ methodology. Our graduates go on to reach their dreams!

Learn how to hold an open, sacred space for transformation

We teach you how to hold an open space for healthy, transformative change for your clients. Best of all, we teach you how to 'FOLLOW THE HORSE'. The horse is YOUR guide too. We teach you how to listen and observe, rather than control, so you can let the horses do what they do best. The word, 'guide' means to take one into unknown or unfamiliar territory.  When you are able to create an energetically neutral space for your clients, the possibilities are limitless. In this sacred zone, people can transcend old limiting beliefs and somatic traumas and re-connect to their sense of self confidence and purpose in life. 

Develop your vision and goals for the future

The people we work with have a lot of passion to make a difference in the world. Ariana and The SkyHorse Team provide grounded coach mentoring to help you navigate the business side of turning your dream into reality.  We know this work is needed more now than ever. EGE is not a fad, it's not an anomaly, it is grounded and has been growing leaps and bounds for over 30 years. The most important thing is you have to believe in yourself and never forget your dream can come true. 

Coaching out of the ordinary

Adding horses into the coaching and therapy process adds layers of complication that sessions in an office don't have. You don't know what is going to happen. You can't anticipate what the energetic presence of the horses might bring out in participants. Horses draw out the authentic, deeper aspects of the participants which you cannot predict. The horses are energetically mirroring, not only a specific participant, but the group as a whole and you as a facilitator. Not to mention, you can't control the weather or the surrounding barn life.  We teach you how to have a flexible plan, to embody your teaching points and to follow the horse versus sticking to an agenda that is out of alignment with what is really happening. 

"Ariana is THE pioneer in this field and Masterful in how she brings this work forward, both as a coach and as a teacher! She embodies what she teaches with grace and compassion. SkyHorse EGE™ is unique because the horses are respected as our guides (they are the most important part of the process) and our role as EGE facilitators is to create an open space for learning and change. I am honored to be SkyHorse EGE™ certified. If you have any inclination to be a change maker, AND the call of the horse rings in your heart this program is for you. I strongly recommend the SkyHorse EGE program! "

Meghann Harty, Certified SkyHorse EGE™ Facilitator, 2017
Founder of Unbridled Courage

"“I have never experienced a coach/guide with more energy and commitment to each person’s growth than Ariana. Not only did the horse work give me a piece of myself back…maybe the heart of who I am…but her intuition, her relentlessness with each of us waking up offered a model of fierce compassion that I will do my best to live into as I grow myself as a coach. She is my first live example, of what those old Zen Masters must have been like-Fierce compassion and unwavering commitment.”"

Sandi Marrinucci, 2009

"Thank you for the quality training and the many insights I learned by going through your program. Time and time again, I find myself remembering something you said or the “why” of something you asked that maybe did not make sense at the time. I have learned so much since then(10 years ago!) and the foundation I built on was your solid education."

Cris Lindsay, Certified SkyHorse EGE™ Practitioner

""Ariana’s most unique gift is her ability to navigate with seamless ease between the cerebral, cognitive, mental world of our “thinking mind”, the place we are when we are “in our head”, and the somatic, energetic, intuitive, and spiritual worlds that connect us to nature, where our senses and feelings reside. She is able to move between these two worlds, as a partner guide with the horses, leading people to discoveries about and within themselves that they could not otherwise find. This gift allows her to articulate the nuances of the process, as well as the relationship and interaction between the horse and the human during these encounters. It’s what has allowed her to not only do the work of EGE, but to teach others to do the work with such proficiency.""

Hallie Bigliard, CEGE- Level 5, author of "Taking Back the Reins"

""Ariana is undoubtedly the most motivated woman I know. Her determination, drive and love for life are a source of power from which she creates in a unique way. As a teacher, she is direct and strong, offering a reflection to step up and into the life that you aspire to, leaving doubts and hesitancy behind; bringing out the best in people who are ready to fly. To be part of her herd is an experience of being with a master, running the hills of freedom, with tussled manes and the wind behind you." --"

Cassandra Ogier, Certified SkyHorse EGE

"I’m in a place of gratitude thinking about my teachers. I want to let you know how much your vision, teaching and commitment has sourced me in my work. May you continue your journey of success as you help others on theirs."

Lynn Baskfield, 2008, Certified SkyHorse Equine Guided Educator

"“I just completed Ariana's three week Equine Guided Education program and I have to say that it transformed my life and opened up new possibilities for how we can develop better leaders. I have found Ariana to be one of the most courageous women I have ever met. She lives and breathes the purpose of equine guided education. I recommend her without hesitation. "

Nicole Dessain, Certified SkyHorse Equine Guided Educator

For new and seasoned professionals

We know from experience that to incorporate horses into your professional offer requires additional education. Bringing horses into educational and learning models, creates a whole new set of complexities and unknowns. Our certification program will give you the confidence, knowledge and experience required to incorporate horses into your professional offer. We teach you how to think, how to trust yourself and your horses, and how to navigate in a wide variety of situations.

  • For new people coming into this field, you do not have to know exactly how you plan to incorporate horses into your work in order to enter our certification program. You will gain that clarity during the program and upon completion have a concrete sense of how you want to incorporate horses into your offer. We will also help you determine what continuing education you need to be successful and confident in your work.
  • For seasoned professionals, avoid the-4-6 year learning curve it will take for you to figure this work out on your own. If you have already received training in the EAGALA or EPONA models, this program will expand on what you already know and continue to develop your skill and competency.
  • Our goal is to expand on your existing knowledge and provide new skills and techniques for doing the work and for running your own business. The program includes a minimum of 13 days of in person instruction to develop your unique style of facilitation, gain confidence in EGE experiential learning, hands on practice sessions and supervision in refining coach/facilitation skills, intuitive listening, somatic awareness, non-verbal body language, EGE exercises, business planning, choosing horses, facility design, and much more.




This course is an in person experience of the EGE process. This is an ideal way to get first hand experience of the EGE process and personalized coaching.  While you are immersed in EGE exercises, you will also develop your goals, study somatic principles, experience how to let the horses be your 'guide', shift old patterns and calling in new paradigms. This is course is truly transformational.




This program focuses on developing your coaching skills, your somatic awareness, and the art of timing. You will practice leading the 'tried and true' EGE exercises grounded in thirty years of success. You'll also receive individual coaching to continue to refine your facilitation skills. Upon completion of this course, you'll be ready to launch your own EGE programs.



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We are committed to your success as an equine guided professional.

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