If what a heart rock does is lost on you, then what?

By Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi 2/2022

If a little heart rock shining up at you from a dusty driveway doesn't just make you smile for a moment, where has your happiness gone ?
What if you refrain from picking it up, because someone might see you smiling at a rock that is smaller than a quarter, and it could be dirty. Your logical mind is like a rabid dog barking at your childlike happiness, “Don't show your enthusiasm for that little rock, it’s just gravel on the road. Keep walking and talking.”
Your self doubt shuts you down saying, “Oh my’ what will people think? That is child’s play.” Your analytical mind takes it a step further and gives you an order, "Pretend you don't see it. Just pretend you don't see it. You don't want anyone to know you were distracted by a rock, for goodness sake.”
What if, on the other hand, you stop everything and gather the little rock. The people you are walking with stop and watch you pick it up, smile at it and put it in your pocket. The worldly conversations of being a human stop for just a moment. Meanwhile, you have accomplished an ancient art of appreciating nature at your feet. By sharing your love for the little heart rock, you unknowingly sent love ripples through the silent stream of gaia sending your bits of love and childlike enthusiasm to far corners of the world. The earth smiles, the rock feels love, and you have shown other humans how to just take that brief moment to slow down and see the world at your feet, allowing your childlike folly, your true freedom of being to be at one with the present moment.
This week's folly:
Look for rocks that make you smile, honor them and say 'thank you.'