Reconnect with Yourself and Rediscover Your Purpose with Horses Healing Humans Retreats

A three-day retreat to connect you with the sentient wisdom of horses, let go of what no longer serves you and reconnect with your purpose and passion.


"It was truly a life altering, soul homecoming experience. I have noticed a dramatic shift in my sense of self trust. I am also noticing a very different connection and perception with and of nature. I want to come back! Thank you so much for a beautiful retreat!"

Mary L.



Are you going through a period of transition?

Are you looking to explore, change, or heal something in your life but have no idea where to start?

As you evolve and change as a person, it's natural to find yourself looking at life through a different lens, questioning all you've come to accept as the way it is.

"Am I living the life I am destined to live? 

What do I need to do differently to get back in a flow in my life?" 

If you've been wrestling with these questions, you've likely realized that solving intuitive problems with rational thinking alone isn't working. 

By connecting with the sentient wisdom of horses in nature, you'll let go of what no longer serves you, develop your intuitive listening skills to find answers and make decisions you cannot find through logical cobwebs of reason. 

What better time to find new inspiration and move forward than now? 

Welcome to Horses Healing Humans

A 3-day Retreat to Reconnect to Your Intuition and Purpose and Move Forward on the New Path Awaiting You

Developed by SkyHorse Academy Founder, Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, Horses Healing Humans combines somatics with the sentient wisdom and healing abilities of horses to create a unique transformative and nourishing space to reconnect to yourself and what matters most. 

Horses teach us what it means to stay grounded and how to tell the difference between judgements and authentic expression. They have an uncanny, even magical ability to reflect the deeper inner workings of our psyche and spiritual longing, helping us connect to what is important to us on a personal and professional level. 

Through interactive experiences with horses, you'll gain profound insights into where you are in alignment with your values and intentions and where old stories or habits of thinking and behaving are now interfering with your ability to flow effectively in your relationships and life purpose. 

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When you attend a Horses Healing Humans Retreat, you'll: 

  1. Let go of outdated thoughts about who you should be and how you should live, allowing you to tap into your imagination to create the next chapter of your life. 
  2. Develop your intuitive listening skills and learn to distinguish between judgments and authentic expression so that you can be more present in your life. 
  3. Re-evaluate what matters most and learn how to prioritize self-care so that you can overcome the stresses of everyday life and get back in touch with your curious, imaginative self. 
  4. Gain profound insights into where you align with your values and intentions and where old stories or habits interfere with fulfilling your purpose. 
  5. Experience unexpected new paradigms and shifts in consciousness through the authentic, grounded, and practical practices of Equine Guided Education. 


Take the reins in your hands and begin your NEW LIFE now!

Horses Healing Humans Upcoming Dates & Locations

San Luis Obispo, CA


November 11-13, 2023

March 8-10, 2024 





Payment plans available, just ask! 

 Have questions? Call/text (805) 440-4829 or email: [email protected]


"My experience at SkyHorse Academy's 3-day, Horses Healing Humans, was deeply moving, literally transformational. I observed myself, as well as others, gain a surprising strength and clarity, regarding relationships, work, goals, and purpose. I felt recognized and more certain regarding my goals and place in this world. Today I hold the physical, visual, and spiritual experiences close, often pulling them up when I need to check in and feel supported, strong, and safe."

Sharon H.

"Despite my background as a 'city-born and raised' woman, I have always been curious about and attracted to horses. I loved the experience of staying on the ranch, witnessing the richness of the women I met. Everything touched me, and was unforgettable. This is truly a program I could revisit annually, and be the richer for it."

Bernadette J.

"What transpired over the 3 days began a magnificent journey of healing and sisterhood that I will forever be grateful for. It was an intimate and loving experience that allowed me to gently tap into my inner pain and struggles and release so much that was holding me back from living my true authentic life."

Casie S.

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